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About Us of AxA Property

Real estate consulting family company with 25 years of experience.
AxA Property is a real estate consulting company with many years of experience and trust in this sector.
Real estate sales consultancy, which was started 25 years ago in Istanbul by the founder of the company Zumran Demirürek, in Bahçelievler district in 1995 and to this day the company is managed by sons of two generations.
Real estate industry in Turkey with past and future, experience and knowledge, as well as a practical, sustainable understanding of international real estate relations.
Since 2019, the company has been working with the concept of international real estate services in Alanya, Antalya region, and also provides consulting services to foreign agencies with whom they began to cooperate in Istanbul.
The company continues to work with the goal of providing reliable and professional real estate services to all domestic and foreign clients.
Aytaç Demiryürek
Aytaç Demiryürek
Aytaç Demiryürek
Aytaç Demiryürek