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About AxA Pp® Real Estate Agency in Turkey

Purchase of ready-made and investments in objects under construction in Turkey.

Investment company AxA Pp provides services for the purchase of Turkish private and commercial real estate of all types, legal support and obtaining Turkish citizenship.

Welcome to the website of AxA Pp an investment company that is an expert in the search and sale of real estate in Turkey. The activities of AxA Pp go beyond the real estate agency in its usual sense. In addition to providing consulting services and legal support, we assist our clients in obtaining Turkish citizenship and provide after-sales services. Cooperating with AxA Pp ® you can count on:

  • Constantly updated offer of more than 1200 positions of the best real estate in the Turkish market;
  • Expert councils of qualified specialists;
  • Legal support of the transaction;
  • Assistance in obtaining citizenship;
  • Comprehensive support for the purchase of a real estate in Turkey: from assistance in creating a project to maintenance after acquisition.

Our offer for private clients or business includes ready-made and under-construction facilities throughout Turkey, so everyone will find the perfect option for themselves.

The office of AxA Pp is located in Alanya – a city that is one of the main real estate centers in Turkey. At the same time, we offer the purchase of Turkish real estate anywhere in the country. The company’s activities date back to 2001. Using our many years of experience in the field of real estate, we provide access to a large selection of objects of all types, be they apartments, houses, or land plots. We are a company that offers expert knowledge and advice to both investors who expect a high return on investment, and customers who want to move to a country with a wonderful climate for permanent residence.

The offer of AxA Pp includes a large selection of commercial Turkish real estate. Our experience and knowledge allow us to carefully choose the developers with whom we work. In this matter, we rely on their reputation, many years of experience, and the objects’ quality to be rented. Our company is always the first to receive information about new projects. As a result, our clients have the opportunity to buy real estate in Turkey at the lowest prices. We will help you choose an investment project by your criteria and advise which region has the best investment potential. We will advise on the procedure for concluding a transaction, taxation, and legislation. This is an excellent offer for serious investors who do not have time to deal with real estate personally and who are only interested in profit.

We look forward to a long-term partnership. AxA Pp offers the highest level of customer service, ranging from comprehensive answers to your questions, to practical advice and ending with assistance after buying a property. For this reason, many of our clients turn to us again and again. We guarantee that interacting with our company will be an enjoyable experience for you, and the process of acquiring property in Turkey is simple and carefree.

Why can AxA Pp® be trusted?

AxA Pp’s team of professional experts from many areas of business has professional licenses, certificates, and diplomas confirming our qualifications. Taking into account the specifics of the legal norms of Turkey and the language barrier, we pay the greatest attention to ensuring the comfort and safety of our current and potential customers through comprehensive servicing of all real estate transactions. The priorities of our company are competence and attention to detail.

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SINCE 2001

AxA Pp®, our experience in the real estate sector started in Istanbul in 2001. Since 2017, we have been serving in Alanya, one of the most popular holiday destinations in Turkey. Our company continues to serve professionally and reliably in the real estate sector in in Turkey with our expert team. As AxA Pp®, we will continue to build your future.

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Imagine that you are not interested in legal formalities at all. You do not need to look for a notary yourself and delve into the intricacies of Turkish legislation. Our employees are highly qualified and know what to do – everything works like a Swiss watch. A clear and simple procedure allows you to competently invest in Turkish real estate even for people who have no idea how it works.

Do you need a trusted partner you can rely on?

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We have been working in the Turkish real estate market for more than 20 years. We have a huge experience, thousands of successful transactions, and hundreds of regular customers. We know what is important to them and what solutions have been successful on a multitude of sites. We are happy to advise, explain, propose, and show interesting projects. Working with us, you will be sure that the transaction will be safe, and resources will be invested with maximum benefit.

Customer safety is our priority!

When it comes to the acquisition of real estate, we always mean serious investments. Delegating the transaction registration process to unverified real estate workers, there is a risk of losing serious investments. AxA Pp strives to maintain the reputation of a reliable partner, earned by years of impeccable work. By cooperating with us, the client can be sure that the purchase process will be safe.

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Why is investing in Turkish real estate profitable?

One of the biggest questions for property buyers and investors is: why should I invest in Turkey? The answer is simple: Turkey is known as one of the most popular holiday destinations. Moreover, it offers extensive investment opportunities in the real estate market. If you still need details, we have collected them here:

How to obtain Turkish citizenship?

There are several ways to get a Turkish passport, but the most popular these days is to buy real estate or open a bank account. Under Turkish law, you can obtain Turkish citizenship by buying a property worth $400,000 or by investing in a Turkish bank with a deposit equivalent to $500,000. Each of these options guarantees the receipt of a Turkish passport within 60 days. If you decide to buy property in Turkey with the help of our company, we will organize the whole process and will accompany it until you receive your passport.

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What kind of property can a foreigner buy in Turkey?

Every year the number of foreign buyers of Turkish real estate is increasing. They invest in various objects, such as apartments, houses, villas, or hotel complexes to move with the family or receive income from renting out apartments and subsequent resale. Therefore, do not hesitate – to come to Turkey and contact AxA Pp. Our company will help you to move to this beautiful country and find your new home next to the sunny beach of the Mediterranean Sea.

How does the presentation of real estate take place?

After you have familiarized yourself with our offer on the site, which is dynamically updated, the next step is to contact us so that we can organize a familiarization tour. We provide you with the most up-to-date and reliable information about the property you are interested in the location of beaches, shops, banks, and pharmacies. During your stay in Turkey, a representative of AxA Pp will accompany you and provide support at all stages of the purchase. We believe in openness and honesty and will give you all our attention to provide quality service. In case of a positive decision to purchase real estate, the costs of a demonstration tour are not charged.

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We provide comprehensive services with support in the English and Russian language at every stage of the process of buying and renting a property. In addition, our team helps:

Also, you can get all the necessary information for everyday life in Turkey, which will help to avoid unforeseen situations. More details..

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Frequently asked questions about
AxA Pp® Turkey Real Estate

Turkey is an attractive country for a large number of foreigners, as it offers a wide selection of real estate at very attractive prices. This provides a high demand for real estate for rent and purchase, which, in turn, creates fertile ground for investment. First of all, investments in real estate are profitable because of their high liquidity. Apartments in residential complexes offering a wide range of services and located in areas with developed infrastructure are in high demand for rent throughout the year. One of the obvious advantages of buying real estate in Turkey is a favorable visa regime and a simplified procedure for obtaining a residence permit.
Turkish legislation has its specifics, and the language barrier and ignorance of legal subtleties can seriously complicate the procedure for concluding a transaction. In addition, agencies such as AxA Pp provide comprehensive support at all stages of the purchase process.
A permit is required to buy real estate in Turkey by a foreigner. Permission is issued before the conclusion of the transaction and applies to a specific object. Ideally, it is worth taking care that a certified real estate agency is responsible for all the nuances, which will represent the interests of the client and ensure compliance with all necessary procedures.
Buying property in Turkey is safe if you follow the appropriate procedures, which will help qualified real estate agents. The country has a very low crime rate, and real estate is legally protected from earthquakes through compulsory insurance.
AxA Pp® organizes the arrival and presentation of the property of interest to the client. In the event of a purchase transaction, the cost of the visit is not charged to the investor.
The procedure for transferring ownership of the real estate in Turkey usually takes several days, and the rest of the formalities can be settled within one day.
Yes. Buying real estate is one of the most affordable ways to obtain Turkish citizenship not only for the investor but also for his wife and children.
After purchasing a home, AxA Pp assists with obtaining a tax number, opening electricity, water, telephone, and bank accounts.
Yes, the number of objects that can be purchased is not limited.

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