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What is a Residence Permit in Turkey?

What is a Residence Permit in Turkey?

It is a permit that gives you the right to stay in Turkey for more than 90 days every six months to settle or study. The residence permit application process in Turkey is valid for anyone who wants to stay in the country for more than 3 months. This includes students, employees, non-citizens and foreigners married to Turkish citizens, anyone doing scientific research, and foreign property...

How to get Citizenship in Turkey?

How to get Citizenship in Turkey?

Obtaining Turkish Citizenship by Buying Real Estate With the decisions taken in September 2018, some regulations were made regarding the transition of foreigners to Turkish citizenship. In the investment program that allows foreigners to acquire citizenship with the law that entered into force in 2018, the citizenship fee in Turkey was determined as 250,000 USD. With the new regulation that will be...

Holiday in Turkey Cover Image

Best Holiday Destinations and Times in Turkey

As it is known all over the world, Turkey is one of the most preferred countries for holidaying with both seasonal conditions and natural and historical beauties. It is very advantageous financially to have a holiday in Turkey, which has recently become a favorite of tourists for the current dollar rate. With its clean seas, mysterious history, glamorous bays, delicious cuisine, your holiday in Turkey...

Live in Turkey

Why should you live in Turkey?

With its climate and natural beauties, Turkey is one of the most preferred countries by foreigners. Affordable property prices in 81 different cities are the most important reasons why tourists prefer Turkey. Living in Turkey, which has 4 different seasons and has hosted many civilizations with its ancient history, has many advantages. So, why should you live in Turkey? We will explain the answer to...

Need to Know About Turkey

What do you need to know about Turkey?

Hosting thousands of tourists every day, Turkey is one of the most developed countries in terms of tourism. It has won the appreciation of tourists with its natural scenery, beaches, food culture and nightlife. In our content, we searched and compiled information about Turkey that most people do not know. Turks are extremely patriotic but not racist, Anatolia is the birthplace of Turks. Turks are the...

Health Services in Turkey

Health Services in Turkey for Foreigners

In order to provide health services under the guarantee of the state, it is necessary to be subject to insurance. Citizens of the Republic of Turkey can receive state-guaranteed health services within the scope of their professional insurance or through family ties. However, there are some applications and procedures that foreigners have to do in order to benefit from health services. Health insurances;...

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Buy Property guide in Turkey for foreigners

Why should you buy property in Turkey? Foreign nationals may purchase properties such as residences, workplaces, plots and fields in Turkey, provided that they comply with the restrictions set forth in the law. In this article, we will guide those who want to buy property in Turkey.   Advantages of Owning Real Estate in Turkey for Foreigners Turkey has always been a country that attracts...

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