Health Services in Turkey for Foreigners

In order to provide health services under the guarantee of the state, it is necessary to be subject to insurance. Citizens of the Republic of Turkey can receive state-guaranteed health services within the scope of their professional insurance or through family ties.

However, there are some applications and procedures that foreigners have to do in order to benefit from health services. Health insurances; It consists of two main headings within the scope of general health insurance and private health insurance.In order to benefit from health services within the borders of Turkey, foreign nationals must fulfill the procedures related to foreigners, apart from the health insurances in their own country. Foreigners who obtain a residence permit in Turkey, foreigners who do not have health insurance in their own country or in another country, and people who apply after being in Turkey for a long time can benefit from health services.


How Can Foreigners Benefit From General Health Insurance?

General health insurance; It is a system that ensures that the health services received from state-affiliated hospitals, health institutions, medical centers and family health centers are covered by insurance. In order for foreigners to benefit from health services, they must be subject to general health insurance. In addition, those who have general health insurance are deemed necessary for treatment; There is government support for drugs, medical supplies and medical equipment.

Foreigners who want to benefit from general health insurance should apply to the Social Security Directorate of the region they are in.

The requirements for application and the documents that foreign nationals must fulfill in order to be covered by health insurance and the documents that must be declared are as follows:

  1. It is obligatory to attach the form and the petition, in which the application information is completely filled, to the file.
  2. If the applicant has the right to reside in Turkey, he/she must present the residence permit document.
  3. In order for foreigners to benefit from health services, the applicant must prove that they do not have health insurance in their own country or in another country.
  4. A statement of the document showing the status of the general health insurance obtained from the institutions of the applicant’s own country is required.
  5. The original document of the document containing the information about the general health insurance from the attaché is also accepted in the application.
  6. The undertaking form given by the Social Security Directorate must be filled in and signed personally.
  7. The person applying for general health insurance has to submit their identity cards to the relevant authority so that their dependent family members can also benefit from this right.

Foreigners who are entitled to general health insurance must be family members who do not have any insurance and who submit their identity cards in order to benefit from health services.

If foreign nationals benefit from general health insurance rights; Spouse of this person, children under the age of 18, children under the age of 20 if they continue their high school education, children with disabilities without age limit, and their parents, who are determined to provide their livelihood, can also benefit.


How Can Foreigners Benefit From Private Insurance?

One of the ways foreigners can apply to benefit from health services is private health insurance. Private health insurance; As a result of agreements with insurance companies; It is the type of insurance that covers the costs required for the treatment of health problems caused by an accident or illness, limited to the coverage information in the policy.

In private health insurance, unlike general health insurance, the policy determines the scope of health services. For this reason, it is important for foreigners to take out insurance by examining the provisions included in the policy in terms of the content of the health services they will benefit from. It is useful to carry out detailed investigations in order to avoid policy-related coverage problems, especially in the supply of certain medical interventions and equipment.

Obtaining private health insurance for foreigners to benefit from health services; It is the obligation of those who enter the country for a period of time without a residence permit. In order to benefit from health services, foreigners who have been in Turkey for a short or long term without obtaining a residence permit are required to have private health insurance.

Foreigners who want to benefit from health services should know the details and obligations regarding the procedures. You can benefit from a professional consultancy service to progress in a controlled manner in the application and admission processes, and to obtain information about health services and insurance.

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