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Real Estate in Mahmutlar

Mahmutlar is one of the areas of the resort town of Alanya, which is well known to lovers of holidays in Turkey. If you are planning to buy an apartment by the sea, you should consider this option for buying a home. After all, real estate in Mahmutlar is an excellent investment of money that quickly pays off.


Real estate in Mahmutlar Alanya

Property types in Mahmutlar

The area is developing rapidly, so many new residential complexes are being built here. Finding a property in Mahmutlar Turkey in a new building is very simple, but you should carefully consider the choice of the area. The following characteristics are considered fundamental:

• proximity to the sea and business center;
• number of rooms and the presence of a balcony;
• infrastructure of the residential complex;
• availability and options for amenities.

In the region, you can find many types of housing, from economy to premium class. On the market, there are both relatively inexpensive primary and secondary real estate in Mahmutlar, and cheap penthouses or villas right on the beach. Therefore, there is a suitable option for buyers with any level of budget.


Real estate price in Mahmutlar

How much will it cost to buy a home in the region?

For real estate in Mahmutlar Turkey, prices in 2022 can vary depending on several factors. First of all, this is the type of housing. In new buildings and the secondary market, the cost will be completely different. At the same time, the purchase of an apartment in an old house does not always guarantee that the price will be low. The total amount will also be affected by the location of the property. So, the most expensive housing was built on the first coastline.

If you want real estate in Mahmutlar inexpensively, you should look at new areas located a little further from the sea. In such places, prices are lower. In general, the average cost per square meter of residential real estate in the region is 775 euros. However, this figure, judging by statistics, is growing rapidly. So, over the past year, the rate of price increase was 79.70%.

Why buy real estate in Mahmutlar

Why it is worth buying a house in Mahmutlar?

This area of Antalya is especially popular among Russian-speaking residents. Therefore, it is worth buying real estate in Mahmutlar at least for the sake of feeling like your own in a foreign country. In addition, having your apartment in Turkey greatly simplifies the process of a long-term stay in this country. Among other advantages of housing at the resort is worth mentioning:

• high-quality sandy beaches;
• a large selection of housing in new buildings and the secondary market;
• developed infrastructure;
• no problems with transport.

Also, real estate in Mahmutlar, Turkey can be bought as a profitable investment. After all, in an apartment or house, you will be able not only to live; they can easily be rented to those who want to relax on the sea and get passive income.

Frequently Asked Questions for About Real Estate in Mahmutlar

1-How to get to Mahmutlar?

Alanya has its airport, where local and charter flights fly. From there, you can get to Mahmutlar by shuttle bus.

2-What is the average cost of housing in Mahmutlar?

The average price for an apartment starts from 42,400 euros.

3-Is it possible to purchase commercial real estate in the region?

Commercial real estate in Mahmutlar is available to Russian citizens, so you can easily buy office space or a store.

4-What are the rules of residence in Turkey for property owners?

Owners of apartments or commercial real estate can count on obtaining a residence permit after providing the relevant documents.

5-Which district of Mahmutlar to choose?

It depends on how much you are willing to pay for the apartment. The most prestigious areas are those located along the coastline and in the city center.

6-How to choose a property in Mahmutlar?

The easiest way to do this is with the help of a real estate agency. Experts will tell you how to buy real estate in Mahmutlar Turkey inexpensively and select such options, among which there will be a suitable option for you.




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