Real Estate Services

1-Real Estate Service International

Our international real estate service provides you with 20 years of experience. for property.

Real Estate Service

We provide real estate service to those who want to buy, sell or rent real estate in Alanya. We have suitable solutions for all our foreign customers who want to benefit from our reliable and professional real estate service.

Personalized Service

By making use of our personalized real estate services; we can only make special works for you. We make fast works for all the real estate you want to buy or sell. Let us make your dreams come true.

Property Management

Allows you to management service for your property in Turkey; We offer you lucrative ways to sell, rent or maintain, and follow all your business, including electricity, water, tax transactions, in line with your demands.

2- Official Turkish Citizenship Service

All state procedures necessary to live in Turkey and work we are doing for you.
How to get Turkish citizenship
Turkish Citizenship
Turkish citizenship is an issue with serious and legal procedures. Only possible with a professional specialist.

Alanya Property AxA Think iconWe listen and understand you. An important issue such as Turkish citizenship is one of the services we provide with the utmost care and promptness.

Alanya Proeprty AxA apartment iconWe provide you with the right to acquire the appropriate real estate for Turkish citizenship and we take your citizenship right to you as soon as possible by following the procedures.

Contact us call icon

Expertise is required for Turkish citizenship. Please Call Us now to take action!

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3- Project Sales & Marketing Service

Our business is brand construction projects sales and marketing in Turkey.

Projecting of construction

Expert and experienced information sharing on all stages of project planning and preparation of budget reports. We take the important steps of making the project ready for sale with profit / loss reporting by honoring and pricing the properties in the project. You can take better steps when some things surface.

Press and PR Organizations

By organizing the press and media relations, visual and textual sharing, reflecting the right information to the target customers and making all the necessary work for the preparation of the sale of the project. Our project sales strategy is to capture the customer's mass perception in the project with holistic studies.

Sales Office & Sales Team

The most important factor for sales of the project is sales office and sales team. We provide all the necessary ergonomics for you and train the sales organization and sales team exactly and correctly. We're launching and we're starting sales. You may only be interested in your earnings calculations.

4- Commercial Real Estate Service

We have been in commercial property service from 25 years for your business which requires expertise and experience.

For Sale Hotel

For sale hotels in Alanya Antalya location from our real estate service...

For Sale Hospital

For sale hospitals in Alanya Antalya location from our real estate service..

For Sale Factory

For sale factories in Alanya Antalya location from our real estate service..

For Sale Market Place

For sale market places in Alanya Antalya location from our real estate service..

For Sale Cafe & Restaurant

For sale cafe & restaurant in Alanya Antalya location from our real estate service..

For Sale Office & Plaza

For sale office & plaza in Alanya Antalya location from our real estate service..

Take a closer look at Alanya

Alanya is in a beautiful location for profitable real estate investment,
It is also known as the most popular summer holiday paradise in the world.

Years Experience

We have been serving our customers in the real estate sector for 25 years and continue to make profit.

Happy Customers

Loyal Customers
We have more than 300 happy and trusting customers. We are in trust and friendship.

Title Deed Delivery

Title Deed
We have delivered title deeds to more than 500 customers. We are proud to complete our mission.

Communicate Network

Touch People
We have contacted more than 9000 people and institutions and helped according to our CRM records.

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