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Official statistics show that the real estate in Turkey increasingly attracts attention each year. This demonstrates that foreign buyers or investors are rather contented to be the owner of residence in Turkey. We owe this pleasure to our flawless real estate services.

You can easily tour on our user-friendly website to find properties for sale from different regions of Turkey. If you want to buy your dream house in a dreamlike country, or looking for an opportunity to a good investment, we are waiting for your call!


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Things that you should take into consider when buying a real estate property

Think about what you exactly want before searching for a property purchase in Turkey. Having a clear opinion of what your dream house is like, will make the works easier not only for you but also for the real estate company who is going to help you. Deciding on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in your desired house may lead you to get off to a good start.

It is essential to have knowledge of bureaucratic procedures when buying a real estate such as deed transfer process or obtaining tax id number. These bring you self reliance during purchasing and help you to be aware of what you are doing in every step on an important matter like buying a house. In comparison with many countries in the world, the process of purchasing a property in Turkey is much easier and can be completed in shorter notice.

The pre-purchase services we provide;

Project familiarization trips to find your dream home ✓

Answering all the questions in your mind by explaining the details of all purchasing procedures ✓

Selfless service offering to find the most suitable investment for you ✓

Consultancy and support for housing loan applications in banks ✓

Preparation of all the required documents for the deed transfer, composing the contract ✓

Arrange meetings with lawyers if requested ✓

Assistance and advice on tax issues ✓

Notary services for power of attorney when needed ✓


41.000 Houses Sold

Foreigners Buy 41.000
housing in 2020 from Turkey

Houses Sold in Antalya

7.735 houses were sold
from Antalya to foreign nationals

1.5 Million Tourists in 2020

Number of tourists coming
in Antalya at 2020 has exceeded 1.5 million

Real Estate Consulting

The real estate consultancy provides information and preliminary expectations about both costs of the investment projects or the expected profit, and the supply and demand about the real estate projects.

We are precisely have a grasp of the real estate, renting property, current legislation on selling and buying, whole legal actions and we perform these procedures faultlessly for our customers. We have significant expertise and marketing knowledge to sell or buy the real estate at its worth and on time, and it is our priority to provide communication between seller and buyer. We are also responsible for performing ethical, legal and commercial transactions on behalf of the individuals we represent. Our duties are to carry out all marketing activities for the seller, to introduce real estate to buyers, to evaluate current opportunities and to inform the property owner about all changes that may affect the sale.

Real estate consultancy services include;
Giving an outline of the real estate property to be invested, and generating a reliable investment strategy considering the demands of the investor.
Our team investigates the essential real estate by way of the investment strategy created attentively, and the property is measured concertedly with the competent professionals.


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Property Trip

We do not try to persuade you with a free tour, quite the contrary; we invite you to an informative and amazing trip! All of your questions will be answered, a compensation will be applied in the case of a purchase, and unforeseen expenses will not be made for you if you decide to delay the deal.

We provide service of complimentary accommodation to our foreign customers. The package program costs a small fee in the case of a purchasing is not fulfilled.

Property trip is necessary because;

• It is an opportunity for you to see the popular districts and take a glance at those great properties.
• You can visit several apartments and villas that we choose by taking your choices and demands into consideration.
• We provide particular consultation on the process of buying property and obtaining residential permit in Turkey.
• It is an important procedure for you to make the right choice.

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Residence Permit & Citizenship

If you want to be a full owner of a real estate in Turkey, or decided to move; we will help you to obtain residence permit and citizenship.

It is an easy-going process by the help of our company;

• Arrange a viewing tour,
• Purchase a property,
• Apply for citizenship,
• Receive your Turkish passports,

Once you have completed these main steps, you can easily become a Turkish citizen.


AxA Property after sales service is always with you at every stage.

We provide after sales services in addition to our pre-purchase services.
You can benefit from;

• Assistance service in obtaining a tax number from the Tax Office,

• Support in electricity, water and telephone subscriptions

• Help service when opening a bank account and information about the local banking system

• Suggestions for furniture and household electrical appliances and shop tours

• Consultancy on insurance such as burglary, earthquake, flood, etc.

Benefiting from AxA Property’s flawless real estate consultancy service is completely free of charge.