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The advice of AxA Pp on real estate issues involves marketing analysis of the market, selection of the object most suitable for the requirements of the customer, the proposal of several alternative strategies and plans for investing with minimal risks, the expert assessment of real estate. Also, the consulting includes detailed information regarding the subtleties of the purchase and sale transaction in the modern realities of an unstable market.


Sell Property in Turkey

We are real estate agents born from the passion for Real Estate Sell in Turkey.


The sale of real estate is carried out through proven channels and systems regulated by the state. Search for a potential buyer, analysis of the dynamics of competitors’ prices, as well as marketing research is carried out by professionals. As a consequence, buyers are fast.

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Buy Property in Turkey

We are real estate agents born from the passion for Real Estate Buy in Turkey.


The process of acquiring real estate in Turkey is simplified as much as possible, in comparison with other countries. Thus, all procedures for the legal registration of documentation and cadastral registration of rights are reduced in time. When buying real estate, the customer needs to formulate specific parameters by which specialists will select real estate, according to the “principle of utility”.

Selection of Real Estate

We are real estate agents born from the passion for Selection Real Estate in Turkey.


The selection of real estate is carried out based on the purpose of the object and the development of the infrastructure of the district, the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the object, the plan of space-planning works necessary for the customer to implement the purchase. The potential buyer will be provided with a plan of the object, land management documentation indicating the parameters of the object.

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AxA Pp® Service Exchange Property

Exchange of Apartments

We are real estate agents born from the passion for Real Estate Exchange.


This procedure is carried out according to the “principle of substitution”, the correspondence of the intended purpose and type of real estate. Before making a transaction, all documentation is thoroughly checked, if necessary, an examination of the valuation report is carried out to make sure that the value of the object is correctly determined and there are no encumbrances and easements.

"Things that you should take into consider when buying a real estate property"

Think about what you exactly want before searching for a property purchase in Turkey.
Having a clear opinion of what your dream house is like, will make the works easier not only for you but also for the real estate company who is going to help you. Deciding on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in your desired house may lead you to get off to a good start.
It is essential to have knowledge of bureaucratic procedures when buying a real estate such as deed transfer process or obtaining tax id number. These bring you self reliance during purchasing and help you to be aware of what you are doing in every step on an important matter like buying a house. In comparison with many countries in the world, the process of purchasing a property in Turkey is much easier and can be completed in shorter notice.

The pre-purchase services we provide;

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Frequently asked questions about
Real Estate Services in Turkey

The main factors: city, district, distance to the seashore, number of stories, materials.
The economy of the Turkish real estate market over the past few years has been stable: supply slightly exceeds demand. As a result, the season does not affect the price.
In Turkey, “ISKAN” is a technical passport of the house, containing all the technical parameters and characteristics indicating that the house is safe for operation.
The annual tax is relatively small. It depends on the location of the property relative to the city center, ranging from 0.1 to 0.3%.
Difficulties, practically, do not arise. All formalities are carried out procedures in the cadastral body during the day.
Short-term rental is prohibited at the legislative level. And renting for more than 1 year requires obtaining and issuing many formalities and permits.
This procedure will take 1-2 days after registration of ownership.
Duplex in Turkey is a two-story apartment designed for one family.

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