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Real Estate in Alanya

Buying a property in Alanya, Turkey means fulfilling a long-standing dream of a house by the sea. Do you want to move to a warm country or invest your capital profitably? Buying real estate in Alanya is your choice. Here you will find housing for every taste and will be able to quickly register the right property.

Alanya is a small resort town in Turkey on the Mediterranean coast. The historical center of the city is surrounded by new buildings of various classes, real estate in Alanya by the sea is in great demand. The interest of buyers is fueled by the desire to have a holiday home, profitably invest or move to Turkey for permanent residence.

Real Estate in Alanya

What features of the region attract buyers?

Among the main advantages of buying housing in Alanya, buyers call the mild climate of the popular resort area. There are other advantages:

• low prices for real estate in Alanya;
• the opportunity to obtain citizenship;
• full-fledged property with the right to sell;
• favorable mortgage and credit offers;
• fast and simple process of paperwork.

What type of property can I buy in Alanya?

Wealthy foreigners are attracted by villas and apartments in new buildings with panoramic sea views. In the new residential complexes, a convenient internal infrastructure has been created: swimming pools, spa salons, cafes, shops, sports grounds. Elite real estate in Alanya is located in a protected area.

Premium-class apartments are distinguished by the area, the number of balconies, toilets, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Inexpensive real estate in Alanya is budget apartments 1+1 or studios, where one bathroom and shower.

Types of real estate in Alanya:

•apartments (apartments with repairs and household appliances);
•penthouse (occupies the upper floor);
•duplex – accommodation on two floors;
•townhouse – a house for two owners with a separate entrance.
•villa – country house on a large plot of land;
•commercial premises.

Real estate in Alanya, Turkey is in demand, it is cheaper, located in developed areas of the city with a good transport interchange, but it is necessary to take into account the cost of repairs.
Commercial real estate in Alanya is offices in business centers or premises for shops on the ground floor of a residential building

Formation of real estate prices in Alanya

The cost of housing depends on:

1-location of the district.
2-A number of stories.
3-sea view.
4-infrastructure development.
5-remoteness from the beach.
6-the condition of the living space (repair, equipment).

Construction companies offer to invest in a new complex and buy real estate in Alanya from the developer, on the “pit”, the price of 2022 starts from €43,000 for 68 m2 of total area (with repairs, equipped kitchen and bathroom). The initial payment is 20-30% of the total cost.


Real Estate in Alanya Process

The process of acquiring real estate in Alanya

Russians buy housing on the territory of this country without restrictions, having a passport with them, it is easy to buy real estate in Alanya. It takes about two days to process documents, mortgage registration can take a week. To buy real estate in Alanya inexpensively by the sea, it is important to draw up two documents.

•Iskan, is the act of putting a building into operation.
•A tapu, is a document establishing the ownership of the real estate.

The buyer of housing in a new building signs a contract with the developer, the signing of the contract for secondary housing is accompanied by a lawyer. Tax collections in Turkey are 8-11%, the buyer and seller pay the tax on registration and registration equally.

Real Estate in Alanya Cost Prices

How much does real estate cost(price) in Alanya?

The average housing prices in Alanya per m² are €762. In recent years, real estate in the region has risen in price, the annual growth rate of prices in Alanya is 79.20%.
Each district of the city has its geographical features and, accordingly, prices.

Avsallar District: Prices from €78.000, Total 80 m² house,
With Features; Remote area, little residential real estate by the sea, to the coast you need to go uphill.

Mahmutlar District: Prices from €80.000, Total 70 m² house,
With Features; Beautiful view of the seacoast, the area is developing rapidly, here you can find housing of economy and premium class.

Demirtas District: Prices from €63.000, Total 100 m² house,
With Features; The residential complex is located 700 meters from the sea, will be commissioned in 2022, there is a sandy beach, playgrounds for animals, a garden with fruit trees.

Tosmur District: Prices from €78.000, Total 80 m² house,
With Features; Quiet quiet area 5 km from the center, surrounded by orange and lemon plantations, near the coniferous forest, sandy beaches.

Kestel District: Prices from €105.000, Total 116 m² house,
With Features; Elite area with a sandy beach, the first line from the sea – new residential complexes.

Kargicak District: Prices from €80.000, Total 74 m² house,
With Features; Elite area, low-rise, built up with villas and country residences, panoramic views of the city and the Taurus Mountains.

Cleopatra District: Prices from €94.000, Total 80 m² house,
With Features; Central part. There are practically no new buildings, a busy area, the cost of housing is high.

Oba District: Prices from €70.000, Total 65-113 m² house,
With Features; The prestigious area close to the center, a beautiful embankment, there are schools, colleges, shopping centers, clinics. This area is chosen for permanent residence.

Cikcilli District: Prices from €74.500, Total 105 m² house,
With Features; In a quiet area away from hotels and clubs, new residential complexes are being built.

Konakli District: Prices from €63.000, Total 120 m² house,
With Features; Resort green area with a pebble beach, built up with hotels and low-rise buildings.

Real estate in Alanya prices in rubles can be viewed on the website.

In the region there is no central heating system, you will have to maintain heat with air conditioning and a heater, the cost of electricity is higher than other utility bills. A separate article is Aidat, payment for the maintenance of the local area.

Frequently asked questions about Real Estate Buy in Alanya

1-Does the season affect pricing?

Property prices in Alanya do not depend on the season.

2-What are the most popular types of accommodation in Alanya?

Apartments in new buildings and villas by the sea are in demand.

3-What are the conditions of living in Alanya in winter?

Alanya is a resort town and in winter some areas are empty, there are problems with heating apartments.

4-Is there a tax on the purchase of a real estate in Turkey?

The purchase tax will be 4% of the cadastral value.

5-Is it possible to execute transactions without intermediaries?

It is possible if you have experience, but it is better to resort to the help of a lawyer.

6-Do I need to obtain citizenship by buying housing in Alanya?

If the property is bought for recreation, then citizenship is not necessary.

7-How to rent out a purchased apartment?

In Turkey, short-term rental is prohibited, long-term from 1 year does not require special permits.

8-Is it possible to buy a home on credit?

Real estate in Alanya can be bought in installments or get a mortgage for 10 years.



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