What do you need to know about Turkey?

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Hosting thousands of tourists every day, Turkey is one of the most developed countries in terms of tourism. It has won the appreciation of tourists with its natural scenery, beaches, food culture and nightlife. In our content, we searched and compiled information about Turkey that most people do not know.

Turks are extremely patriotic but not racist, Anatolia is the birthplace of Turks. Turks are the most hospitable people in the world, they are very respectful and sincere towards foreigners.

Turks are benevolent people, no matter what happens to you in Turkey, Turks take care of foreigners and do not mistreat them. They are especially sensitive to children.

Turks are citizens of a modern country that has been on the stage of history for years, has established and destroyed empires, has a 2000-year-old state tradition, and loves their freedom. In 2013 millions of people took to the streets to protest against the current government, the protests continued for months, as early as July 15 last year a small minority in the military tried to strike the same government and again millions of people attacked their tanks. Turks do not like foreign interference in their internal affairs, so you should try to stay away from political issues while staying in Turkey.


Where is Turkey?

97% of Turkey’s surface area falls on Asia, and 3% falls on the European continent. Turkey is the only landlocked country in both Europe and Asia.

The fact that the country is in a good geographical position also shows that it is in an ideal generation for human life. Thanks to this feature, Turkey has hosted great states and laid the foundations of countless civilizations thanks to the valuable lands it has throughout its history.

How do foreign citizens adapt to Turkey?

For those who are considering living in Turkey, we cannot finish talking about the beauties of this country. We can offer many reasons such as Turkish Food, Turkish Desserts, Historical Places in Turkey, Natural Beauties in Turkey.

Turkey, which has a complete cultural geography with its historical structures and natural beauties, is very important in terms of tourism. Turkey, which is considered a tourist haven, is becoming more and more attractive to domestic and foreign tourists every day.

Cultural tours are the tours organized by travel companies that allow you to discover the natural beauties and the secrets of history from east to west, from north to south. You can join a cultural tour at any time of the year. In the travel market, there are many travel agencies that organize cultural tours to save you the trouble and have a hassle-free holiday.


Among the cultural tours in Turkey, Cappadocia tour, Gaziantep tour, Eskisehir tour and Bursa tour are just a few of the most interesting tours.

To get to know Turkey better, it is necessary to live there for a while. According to researches, Turkey is said to be the preferred country in terms of security.

The crime rate is lower than in other countries. Since there is hospitable and friendly country, you can be safely in Turkey.

How can foreign citizens buy property in Turkey?

Turkey is among the countries that host many tourists with its unique beauty. Many holiday tourists want to own a house in Turkey and are investigating the conditions for foreigners to buy a house in Turkey. It is known that the demand of foreigners to own a house in Turkey has increased especially recently.

Foreign nationals can buy a house in Turkey, subject to legal restrictions. Foreigners do not need to have a residence permit in Turkey to buy property. You can take a look at our other content where we provide more detailed information about owning a property in Turkey.

For more information see our article on buying property in Turkey.

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