Why should you live in Turkey?

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With its climate and natural beauties, Turkey is one of the most preferred countries by foreigners. Affordable property prices in 81 different cities are the most important reasons why tourists prefer Turkey. Living in Turkey, which has 4 different seasons and has hosted many civilizations with its ancient history, has many advantages. So, why should you live in Turkey?

We will explain the answer to this question by giving you examples. You decide at the end of our article!

What are the advantages of living in Turkey?

The advantages of living in Turkey are actually quite many, especially in many interviews where the opinion of tourists is taken.

A few of them are as follows:

Almost most days of the year are sunny,

Since the winter season is not very harsh, there is no need to buy winter clothes and shoes every year,

Surrounded by warm seas on three sides,

Always have fresh vegetables and fruits,

There are no alcoholics or drug users on its streets,

Drug use is prohibited,

The sea and mountains can be seen from the window,

People respect each other,

Citizens are equal before the law,

Children are given great importance,

The rivers and streets are clean,

The streets are safe,

People are very friendly and hospitable.

Another of the most frequently asked questions by foreign citizens is about livable cities in Turkey.

Which cities are the most suitable for working in Turkey?

Which are the safest cities in Turkey?

Which are the most beautiful cities for a holiday in Turkey?

We have researched so that you can find the answers to all these questions clearly! Here is Turkey and its beautiful cities!


Best cities to work in Turkey

According to Forbes, the ten most suitable cities to do business and work in Turkey are:

  • Istanbul – Score: 68.9

  • Ankara – Score: 66,13

  • Izmir – Score: 62,394

  • Tekirdag – Score: 61,465

  • Kocaeli – Score: 59,986

  • Antalya – Score: 59.17

  • Yalova – Score: 58,078

  • Bursa – Score: 57,139

  • Eskisehir – Score: 56,8410

  • Trabzon – Score: 53.38

We would like to give you a little more detail on this subject. We have researched and compiled for you the cities where you can work in Turkey by occupational groups and regions. Let’s keep reading.

Mediterranean Region

Provinces in the Mediterranean Region such as Antalya, Adana, Mersin and Muğla are known for their touristic value in Turkey and around the world, due to their award-winning beaches and magnificent nature. However, agriculture is one of the highly developed sectors in the Mediterranean Region, due to the year-round average temperature and the suitability of the soil structure. That’s why you can find a job at every level of the tourism and agriculture sector in cities such as Antalya, Adana, Mersin and Muğla.

Marmara Region

Cities that stand out with job and career opportunities in Marmara, the most developed region of Turkey in terms of industry; Istanbul, Bursa and Kocaeli. Since the headquarters of many companies in different sectors such as informatics, advertising, textile and food, including the industrial sector, are located in Istanbul, career opportunities have become quite widespread.

Bursa, which has become the center of international companies producing automobiles and white goods in Turkey, offers job opportunities in terms of informatics and tourism as well as industry. In Kocaeli, which is adjacent to Istanbul, it is possible to find technical jobs such as technician and engineering in the industrial sector, especially in ship and mechanical parts production.

Central Anatolia Region

In the cities of the Central Anatolia Region, various career opportunities are offered at all levels in fields such as organic agriculture, animal breeding, milk and dairy products.

Since agriculture and animal husbandry are developed in Aksaray, Çankırı, Karaman, Kırıkkale and Kırşehir, jobs such as agricultural engineering, veterinary medicine, food technician and food engineering are common. Since the headquarters of many government institutions in Turkey are located in Ankara, Ankara, which is the center of Anatolia, has a high population of public servants.

Which are the safest cities in Turkey?

In addition to many criteria such as job opportunities, climate and educational opportunities, one of the most important criteria for deciding to live in a country is security. So, which are the safest cities to live in Turkey?

Due to its location, many foreign citizens may think that Turkey is dangerous. However, this is not true. Many cities in Turkey are in the top 50 among the safest cities in the world.

It was concluded that Eskisehir, which is known for the majority of students in Turkey, is the 10th safest city in the world. Bursa, the industrial city, ranks 27th, while İzmir ranks 49th with its warm climate and beautiful palm trees. Antalya, one of the most important holiday centers in the world and most preferred by tourists, follows the list in 61st order. Ankara ranks 182nd and Istanbul 263rd.

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