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Real estate in Alanya Turkey by AxA Pp® consulting company has successfully operated in the real estate industry for more than 20 years. Helping clients to find, choose and purchase real estate that will be profitable for investment in Turkey is the main feature of AxA Pp®. The best real estate developers in Turkey work with the agency. It allows organizing the most loyal conditions for purchasing real estate for buyers. Also, we provide professional and reliable support at all stages: for example, assistance in obtaining citizenship. There is a possibility to resolve issues related to the purchase according to individual requirements.

Real Estate prices in Turkey

The final price of real estate depends on many concomitant factors. Prices can significantly differ in different regions. Also, the price of houses depends on location, characteristics, surrounding infrastructure, distance from the coast, and other details.

However, cheap real estate in Turkey attracts more and more foreigners year by year. Сonsidering the low level of taxes, public utility availability, and the living conditions that are cheaper than in Europe, the demand for local real estate is going to continue to grow for a long time. For some people it is more profitable to lease their apartments; other people move to permanent residence, and someone just leases premises to get a stable income. Regardless of the final goal, the purchase of apartments, villas, and other buildings will be a profitable investment for buyers and will be able to fully pay itself off.

How to purchase real estate in Turkey?

Purchasing real estate is a rather complicated procedure for foreigners. The only option to quickly go through the purchase and registration procedures is to contact a reliable agency. With supporting services during a purchase, a client will go through all the steps without unnecessary financial and time costs. Before purchasing a property in Turkey you should consider the available offers on the agency’s website and choose the most interesting options.

There are many offers in a moderate price range on our website. You can choose the best options according to different criteria: total area, price category, location, etc. There are many real estate objects to buy in different regions. Generally, it is accepted that the best real estate in Turkey is located in Istanbul, Antalya, Mahmutlar, Alanya and other popular regions.

After that, you should contact the consultants of the company to get more detailed information on the real estate object. Our consultants will help you to find the best places for purchasing a property in Turkey or choose an object according to other necessary parameters. If necessary, our company can organize a inspection tour, so that the client can independently inspect the property. In case of a successful transaction, accommodation during the trip will be paid by the company.

If a foreign client has made his choice and is satisfied with all the conditions offered by the company, the purchase and registration of real estate can directly proceed. At this step, clients can receive full legal assistance. AxA Pp® real estate agency cooperates with lawyers who are proficient in commercial law. Our experts will help you to make the purchase process as easy and affordable as possible.

Who can buy a property in Turkey?

Since 2012, the authorities of the Turkish Republic have simplified the process of purchasing a property in Turkey for foreigners. Citizens of Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Ukraine have the opportunity to buy property in Turkey. You can make a deal as an individual and legal entity registered in Turkey.

Real estate for sale for Russian citizens is available on the Mediterranean coast of  Turkey. There are a lot of good offers on the coast. The final choice of the region usually depends on the purpose of purchasing of real estate.

Property prices in Turkey?

Many people wonder about the approximate prices for real estate in Turkey. According to current data for January 2022, the average cost of houses is about €32,000. At the same time, the cost per m² is estimated at approximately €273.67. Every year the price range of real estate in Turkey increases by about 62.98%. In some regions, this number can be much higher, which makes the purchase very profitable and continues to attract more and more foreigners to the country. You can see prices here.

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AxA Pp® is one of the most successful and reliable real estate consultancy companies in the sector with its 20 years of experience and knowledge. Our harmonious, courteous and professional team will undoubtedly be the best partner for you!


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If you want your properties to be rented or sold as soon as possible, you are in the right place! We are ready to work with you with the right strategy. Our ready customer data and investors are fastest solution for you. You can find out details by contacting us right away.

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Buying real estate in Turkey is now easy with AxA Pp®! Our experienced staff will make the right real estate consultancy for you with their 20 years of experience and knowledge! You can contact us to have more information about our real estate consultancy services.

You have decided to buy real estate in Turkey, but do you want to see the property with your own eyes and have more accurate information? You are in the right place! AxA Pp® organizes magnificent real estate tour for you. Moreover, with completely free accommodation! For more information about AxA Pp® inspection tour, you can review our website in detail or contact us.

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From our customers

Alexy K.
Alexy K.
From Russia
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I came to Antalya for vacation. Then I came to Alanya to travel. I loved this place and wanted to rent a house. They found a reliable beautiful home for me. It is a professional team. I recommend everyone.
Naile D.
Naile D.
From Tatarstan
Read More
I did not know about Alanya. I came for the first time, they helped me a lot, I bought a nice house at an affordable price. now I will come every summer and have a vacation here. Thank you AxA Pp®.
Leonie K.
Leonie K.
From Germany
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I came from Germany to buy a cheap house for investment. I found AxA Pp® real estate company on the internet. First we talked online, then I came to Alanya. They answered my every question.
Ekaterina L.
Ekaterina L.
From Russia
Read More
I came to Alanya from Russia 2 years ago. I could not find a house like I wanted. I met AxA Pp® the last time I arrived, the team is very friendly and helpful. They always supported me at the title deed stage. I advise.
Ayana V.
Ayana V.
From Kazakhstan
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I made good money thanks to them. They guided me very well. They enabled me to buy an affordable house from the project. They also helped me with payment plan. I was very pleased. It is a corporate company.
Yunus Y.
Yunus Y.
From Turkey
Read More
When I decided to move from Istanbul to Alanya, I started looking for a house. I traveled a lot, searched a lot, I could not find a reliable and beautiful house. But they found me a house I wanted.

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